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TITLE: A Confluence of Personalities
RATING: R for naughty language
SUMMARY: Torchwood/DC Comics crossover: Conner Kent’s body might be dead, but his soul has apparently decided to take the scenic route. Part of my Five Ways The World Was Put Right series.
PAIRINGS: Background Jack/Ianto (well, and Jack/everyone, but if you watch Torchwood you should expect that), slight Tosh/Owen, Robin/Superboy pre-slash if you're looking for it.
SPOILERS: Crack. Total crack. So much crack I’m kind of expecting to be arrested for possessing it. Goes wildly AU around the time of One Year Later in the DC Universe and towards the beginning of Torchwood Season Two, but refers to/spoils later events in Torchwood up through Children of Earth. The story also mildly spoils Final Whatever Crisis in the DCU and One Year Later, and gives away a few Young Justice plot points (although if you're worried about Young Justice spoilers you should just get off your butt and go read it now because it was the best series ever). Knowledge of Torchwood is more important to understanding the story than knowledge of the DCU, although knowledge of the DCU will help you to think some of the lamer jokes are hilarious. I have included a primer for both shows below.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Cut for Children of Earth spoilers that everyone probably already knows by now )
DISCLAIMER: On a scale of One to Not Mine, these characters are Not Mine. They belong to a lot of terribly important and official people who work for big companies and get salaries and basically aren’t me. Suing me for copyright infringement would be pointless and unprofitable, I swear. A weevil once bit my sister.

Torchwood for DCU fans )

The DCU for Torchwood Fans )

A Confluence of Personalities

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