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TITLE: A Confluence of Personalities
RATING: R for naughty language
SUMMARY: Torchwood/DC Comics crossover: Conner Kent’s body might be dead, but his soul has apparently decided to take the scenic route. Part of my Five Ways The World Was Put Right series.
PAIRINGS: Background Jack/Ianto (well, and Jack/everyone, but if you watch Torchwood you should expect that), slight Tosh/Owen, Robin/Superboy pre-slash if you're looking for it.
SPOILERS: Crack. Total crack. So much crack I’m kind of expecting to be arrested for possessing it. Goes wildly AU around the time of One Year Later in the DC Universe and towards the beginning of Torchwood Season Two, but refers to/spoils later events in Torchwood up through Children of Earth. The story also mildly spoils Final Whatever Crisis in the DCU and One Year Later, and gives away a few Young Justice plot points (although if you're worried about Young Justice spoilers you should just get off your butt and go read it now because it was the best series ever). Knowledge of Torchwood is more important to understanding the story than knowledge of the DCU, although knowledge of the DCU will help you to think some of the lamer jokes are hilarious. I have included a primer for both shows below.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: My thought process went something like this: A) The DC Universe is being very mean to Robin and Superboy, and I no longer trust it with them. B) I can’t believe they killed off Owen, Tosh, and Ianto, too! Why is everybody being so cruel to my favourite characters? C) You know what would be funny? Superboy and Captain Jack in the same room. D) BWAHAHAHAHAHA!
DISCLAIMER: On a scale of One to Not Mine, these characters are Not Mine. They belong to a lot of terribly important and official people who work for big companies and get salaries and basically aren’t me. Suing me for copyright infringement would be pointless and unprofitable, I swear. A weevil once bit my sister.

Torchwood for DCU Fans:

'Torchwood' is the name of a super sekrit organization operating out of a super sekrit underground base (the Hub) under the city of Cardiff, Wales. Their mission is to monitor a rift in space and time located beneath the city, and to deal with the things and beings that are occasionally spit out of it. They're led by Captain Jack Harkness, an immortal time-traveling hits-on-everybody ex-Time-cop from the future who originated on the sister show Doctor Who. Other members of the team are Gwen Cooper, an ex-cop with a tendency to lead with her heart; Owen Harper, a sarcastic and cynical doctor; Ianto Jones, the team's Alfred who is also canonically hooking up with Jack (the extent to which this is friends-with-benefits or an established relationship is generally left up to the viewer to decide); and Toshiko Sato (Tosh), the team's genius computer and technology expert, who harbors a series-long crush on Owen (unrequited until the very end). The team generally operates in a moral gray area and has to choose the best of a lot of bad options in order to save the day; this is usually done with *handwave* alien technology/rift activity/time travel that either puts them in more danger or allows them to get out of it. Also, they have a pet pterodactyl named Myfanwy. As you do.

The DCU for Torchwood Fans

The DC Universe is a vast and sprawling network of superheroes and villains, many of whom have been around for a ridiculously long time and therefore have such convoluted backstories that they now operate on a 'lol continuity' basis. This story is only concerned with a few of them: Superboy (aka Kon-El, aka Conner Kent), who is the superpowered teenaged clone of the world's greatest hero (Superman) and the world's greatest villain (Lex Luthor) and is much more comfortable in his superhero identity than his civilian one; and Robin (aka Tim Drake), who is Conner's best friend and the teenaged sidekick of the world's greatest detective (Batman), and is un-superpowered but scarily smart, competent, and sneaky. In more minor roles are Wonder Girl (aka Cassie Sandsmark), a teenager who was blessed with superpowers by the Greek gods and is Connor's girlfriend; and Empress (aka Anita) a teenaged voodoo priestess who was on the superhero team Young Justice with the others until her retirement. When Young Justice disbanded several of the members of that team went on to join the Teen Titans, a more established team that operates under adult supervision but is still kind of led by Cassie. They generally save the day with/from *handwave* science/superpowers/magic and tend to operate from a good-versus-evil philosophical stance, although that distinction gets progressively blurrier the older the characters get.

A Confluence of Personalities

Other stories in the series:

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